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Film Music recordings in Concertgebouw Amsterdam

On the 26th of June 2020 the Arthema Quartet recorded an epic film score in Concertgebouw Amsterdam for the fiction short Blauwe Maandag. The film was produced by the Dutch film academy and directed by talented film director Gregory Samson. It features famous actors like Egbert Jan Weeber, Kees Boot and Vincent Lodder.

The score was composed by Norwegian film composer Nikolaï Clavier, who is also the violist in Arthema Strijkkwartet, and features a gritty, dark Nordic sound. It is a psychological drama about a man who looses his son in a car accident and has to deal with the guilt and shame that follows.

The score was recorded in kleine zaal in Concertgebouw where 12 microphones were placed around the hall. It is a stirring soundtrack that will soon be available on Spotify.

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